About Us

Who We Are

Prairie Catalytic, a Nebraska-based company with a global reach, is the world’s leading producer of renewable and bio-based Ethyl Acetate. Nestled in the heart of the US Corn Belt, we are proud to call Columbus, Nebraska, our home.

Prairie Catalytic is focused on transforming the production of chemical commodities using agricultural feedstock rather than oil and we have proven a new way to produce Ethyl Acetate using corn-ethanol. The Cornhusker State with its abundant and cost effective corn-ethanol resouces and entrepreneurial spirit is an ideal home.

Here at Prairie Catalytic, the progress is in the process.

What We Do

Ethyl acetate is a widely used solvent found in many products from paint thinner to nail polish and used in many industries from printing to pharmaceuticals. Prairie Catalytic competitive advantage is the process which replaces fossil fuels with local renewable resources.

We have created a cost-effective and environmentally friendly process that utilizes bio-ethanol, a major derivative of Nebraska corn, exclusively, in lieu of petroleum, thus providing a renewable alternative to Ethyl Acetate users while adding value to Midwest agriculture. For more technical information about our Ethyl Acetate, visit our product page.

Good for the community. Good for consumers. Good for our world.

Why We Do It

We’re passionate about sustainability and the technological advancement of modern society, and we don’t believe the two should be mutually exclusive.

At Greenyug, our mission was to replace environmentally harmful products and processes by employing environmentally friendly practices and inventing ecologically responsible processes. And at Prairie Catalytic, we are immensely proud to have taken those values to bring our vision to fruition for the benefit of business, nature, local agriculture, and humanity.

Our enduring vision here is, and always will be, to carry on the passionate pursuit of cultivating a worldwide consciousness for integrity in preserving our resources while delivering value to our shareholders and our communities.

Our Partners

We understand the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships to increase and extend our capabilities. We recognize those partnerships who are integral to our success. Our neighbors at ADM Corn Processing Plant provide us ethanol, utilities, and logistics support; Helm, one of the largest independent chemical distributors in the world, markets and distributes our product worldwide. 

Join Our Team

If you think you’d be a great fit for our growing team of dedicated, motivated innovators, we’d love to meet you.

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