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Ethyl Acetate

A universal solvent

Ethyl acetate, a widely used chemical solvent, is a colorless liquid with a mild, sweet, fruity smell and is naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables. As a consumer, one may never directly seek out or even be aware of the existence of ethyl acetate, but most consumers use or benefit from products that contain it on a daily basis. In fact, from paint and coatings to flexible packaging and consumer products, wood varnish to electronics, and food to pharmaceuticals, ethyl acetate is featured as a key ingredient. Learn more about the physical properties and characteristics of ethyl acetate.

Technological advances for ecological progress

Prairie Catalytic is not only a producer of Ethyl Acetate, we are the World’s leading and largest producer of bio-based Ethyl Acetate relying solely on a renewable feedstock. Until today, virtually all of the Ethyl Acetate that exists in the world was produced using energy-intensive processes relying exclusively on non-renewable fossil feedstock.
Our innovative team of scientists and entrepreneurs invented a ground-breaking process for manufacturing renewable and bio-based Ethyl Acetate—one that benefits Midwest agriculture, consumers, and makes the supply chain “greener”.

Utilizing best-in-class manufacturing technology, we’ve fine-tuned a proprietary process for producing Ethyl Acetate with a small footprint. Unlike our competitors who generate the solvent from oil or natural gas derivatives, Prairie Catalytic’s process relies exclusively on environmentally friendly corn ethanol provided by our partners and next-door neighbor, ADM Corn Processing Plant.

Prairie GreenTM Ethyl Acetate is a USDA Certified Biobased Product meeting all requirements under the USDA BioPerferred® program and is comprised of 100% biobased materials.

Our innovative and universally beneficial process has completely transformed Ethyl Acetate production forever.

The cream of the crop

The development of our ground-breaking process will benefit local agriculture providing a new use for corn. Beyond creating jobs for the community and increasing the value of corn, we are even more moved to know our commitment to developing green chemistry products, and processes will have a profound impact on the industry footprint.

We offer manufacturers around the world the opportunity to cost-effectively substitute the traditionally manufactured Ethyl Acetate in their products with our Prairie GreenTM Ethyl Acetate. This allows our clients to improve their products environmental footprint without the need for completely reformulating their ingredients.

Prairie Catalytic Ethyl Acetate is distributed and marketed exclusively for Prairie Catalytic by Helm US.